Why Java based Mp3 conversion and not ffmpeg based ?

We created Java based Converter as ffmpeg php ones simply said are too expensive to run, even if site get a a little popular. And hence you will see many such sites cease to exist within month. Lets list some issues with ffmeg approach -

Bandwidth Heavy ( Terabytes of bandwidth )
For example a average video is about 30 MB and say the mp3 generated is 4 MB , And say the website has 3000 downloads a day ( for say 1000 unique users ) , the bandwidth required is about approx 68000 MB ( say 2000 different downloads ) + 3000 ( Cached downloads ) is 71000 MB approx equals 70 GB. 70 GB * 30 days = 2100 GB approx 2 TB of bandwidth. This is for a small site. Other than that the CPU cycles required for conversion are in itself not less.
Shared hosting/VPS cannot handle even a less popular site. Dedicated hosting is required which is quite expensive. And if your site becomes popular this will not scale.
Constant Banning
Most popular Tube sites will ban you as soon as they see this kind of traffic from a single IP. And you will have to change server IP every day or two.
As the server downloads the video , it leads to time where user has to wait , It is best to give the download as soon as user clicks download.
Disk Storage
Since popular videos are usually cached in the Cache, they start fast ( though maintaing a cache itself requires large amount of Disk space ).

Now lets see the Vidfetch Approach -

Nil Bandwidth requirements
Vidfetch based downloader do not require server bandwidth, and your sites can easily handle say a million hits a day without any noticeable lag. Everything is done client side using client bandwidth and CPU.
No Bans
Vidfetch uses Client IP for downloading , it is as if the user is watching the Video. Each User uses his own IP to download.
Downloads start instantly,no waiting whatsoever.

The only requirements from the user side is that user have Java Installed. Which about 90% usually have, and if not they can install it by the link provided.

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