Quick Integration

There are mainly two ways you can quickly integrate the Vidfetch Player or Downloader on your site. These methods ensure you are getting the latest methods of download and are always kept up to date.

Vidfetch Downloader

Using this technique you can quickly give your users ability to download videos from the link which you specify.


Examples -

Live Example : Download

API Options

Options Default Description
url* none The url from which you wish to show the download links from.
signature none A small text which is appended to the download so that the user remembers it was from your site.
script none A remote javscript which can be used to change the behaviour and the language.
style none A remote style sheet which will be applied to the download tool for easy integration and branding.
formats all Download Formats which you wish to show, If only say mp3 and aac are required then pass mp3,aac.
* These values are required.

Vidfetch Player

Using this technique you can quickly allow playback of videos on your site without writing any code or installing anything.


Examples -

Live Example -

API Options

Options Default Description
url* none The url from which you wish to play the video from.
image none Default start image.
start true Autostart video or not.
skin none There are a number of skins available which can be applied. Options are : beelden, bekle, bluemetal, classic, five, glow, grungetape, icecreamsneaka, kleur, lulu, minima, modieus, modieusslim, nacht, playcasso, schoon, simple, snel, stijl, stormtrooper
* These values are required.

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